Crafty Sisters: Jelly Bean Topiary

Crafty Sisters: Jelly Bean Topiary


My hubby went out of town for business.

No hubby means endless crafting time, eating out, and best of all….no clean up.

( I do miss him…it’s just free uninterrupted time..:))

I invited Nicole over for some crazy crafting.  It was like the good old days before she had her little business.  We don’t get to craft TOGETHER much anymore.

We had some topiary ideas in mind and Nicole thought it would be fun to make a jelly bean topiary.

These are the mini topiaries.  I believe the pot size is 3 or 4 inches.  The styrofoam ball size is 3 inches.

After Nicole left, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, catching up on TV shows and making a larger jelly bean topiary. I wrapped the dowel with white floral tape instead of painting it.

They look cute together.

Here’s most of the supplies you need.

These pastel jellybeans are pretty and taste really good too!

Nicole white washed the pots.  After drying, she lightly sanded to give it a softer look.

Next she hot glued each jelly bean onto a pink painted styrofoam ball.  This went quick, because the balls are so small.

We added floral foam to anchor the dowel into.

Then topped it with moss.

What fun! The candy is so cheap to craft with!  I need to stop crafting with Easter candy.  I glue one on….then eat one….glue one on…then eat one!

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